Electric Scooter Giveaway
06/10/18 UPDATED: 7/30/18


Serving Those Who have Humbly Served Our Country

So many brave men and women choose to sacrifice everything to serve our great country, and as a result their sacrifice often leads to injuries sustained in battle and a loss of freedom due to those injuries. The “Veterans Mobility Project” Gives Back to those that sacrificed so much, by providing a way for these veterans to regain some of that freedom.

Our project partners, including local service organization “Maneuvering Veterans Forward” And Local Medical Mobility Provider “Empire Mobility” Will honor a Veteran with the gift of a brand new, Four Wheel Electric Scooter, that reaches speeds of 20 MPH. The scooter comes with a multi-year warranty and will be given to recipients on a request basis with an application. The scooter will provide the Freedom of Mobility to our injured Veterans. Recipient candidates will be qualified through a Panel of Veterans from “The American Legion” and “Veterans of Foreign Wars” (VFW).

Having the ability to be independent is something we often take for granted. Going outside to enjoy a day at the park or just rolling up to the market without having to rely on someone else, could make all the difference in a quality of life that is worth living. These Men and Women of Our Armed Forces Have Given so much of themselves for our freedom, Veterans Mobility Project gives some of that freedom Back.

Mobility products such as Electric Scooters can be very expensive. VMP has found a way to maximize our resources to provide brand new power scooters, free of charge to Qualified Veterans. If You know a Veteran that is in need, or you just want to be part of The Veterans Mobility Project Team, Contact VMP at 949-424-9971 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can become involved.

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Written by Kristina Chase: A Communication student at California State University San Marcos