Leg Up NE 14February 6th, 2018

A Student’s Perspective

A Student’s Perspective Being a student in College, I can tell you that our educational systems have been changing rapidly over the years, compared to what it looked like fifty years ago. Our parents talk about how they took woodwork and automotive Shops, and learned necessary tools for future life endeavors. Today, those options are rare, if any at all.

Education should be attainable for everyone, on every scale. At the current  time, all of the occupational aspects of education have been removed. Along the way, education has become very closely associated with curriculum like Mathematics and core classes. We must not forget occupational, hands on subjects like woodshop, autoshop and Nursing are still education. Students that do not choose to take the path of higher education, graduate and are not prepared to enter the world with the necessary training for a hands on occupation.

At the present time, Cloverland Foundation, has granted five, two-year scholarships to the San Jacinto School District, specifically to the San Jacinto and Riverside junior college systems. They have also granted five, two-year scholarships to the Hemet School District. Their mission is to provide the necessary vocational tools to schools in need and for those that have the desire; whether that be books, computers, musical instruments, or on a higher level, scholarships at Trade Schools and College. In the past, Leg Up has allocated funds for seatbelts on school buses, field trips.

 This article was written by Kristina Chase: A student at California State University San Marcos