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  • Provide education for underprivileged students to reduce the risk of being left behind. In addition to helping students, Cloverlane recognizes that there are other underserved groups requiring assistance in improving their family life. Participation in preschool programs provides early development of required basic skills and an introduction to different cultures and customs.
  • Grant post-high-school education scholarships for attendance at accredited trade schools and colleges
  • Support primary and secondary public schools by providing educational materials and programs that have been eliminated from school budgets including:
    • Bilingual books
    • Computers
    • Field trips
    • Sponsor drama and music classes
    • Provide musical instruments
    • Fund installation of seatbelts on school buses
    • After-school programs


Cloverlane Foundation funds other charities that work to provide for those in need.

  • Women shelters
  • Food banks


"Thank you Cloverlane Foundation, for providing me this scholarship. I am loving my classes, and especially my automotive ones, they have taught me a great deal already, that has helped me at my job. I plan on using this money for tools in my upcoming classes for automotive, thank you again." --A recent Hemet Unified School Disctrict graduate