July 28, 2018

Cloverlane Foundation

in conjunction with Solvang Veterinary Hospital



Rose, a female, Chihuahua, was brought to Solvang Veterinary Hospital, due to a broken leg in the beginning of 2018.

Rose’s owners were limited on funds for treatment, so splints and confined rest were the best they could do for her. After a few months of ongoing attempt to heal her leg, it was determined that without a costly surgery, her leg would never fully heal.

With surgery out of reach for the Rose’s owners, they decided to relinquish her to Solvang Veterinary Hospital, so necessary steps could be taken, like finding a rescue group to take her in and raising the necessary funds for surgery. That is when Sheri MacVeigh (DVM) at Solvang found Cloverlane Foundation. Without hesitation, the founders, Diana and Gerald Chase, offered to pay for Rose’s surgery in full. Rose was then transported to a boarded veterinary surgeon in Los Angeles, who skillfully repaired her leg with metal plates.

Update: The surgery went great and Rose is on her way to recovery! After time in restricted activity, she was given the okay to use her leg. As more time went on and her leg continued to get better, Rose only occasionally limps when she walks. Thanks to Diana, Gerald and the Cloverlane Foundation, Rose, gets to keep her leg and the ability to run around! For more information on Cloverlane foundation, go to https://cloverlanefoundation.org/

This article was written by Kristina Chase, a Communication student at California State University San Marcos