• Cloverlane helps animals large and smallProvide safe haven for lost, abandoned and injured domestic and wild animals
  • Fund veterinarian care for medical treatment, spay/neuter, etc.
  • Support other organizations that care for wild and domestic animals


“Two wonderful senior German Shepherds and an elderly local man in poor health owe a great debt of gratitude to the Cloverlane Foundation. After the dogs' owner lost his husband, his home, and his health in just a few months, the final heartbreaking blow was having to relinquish his precious sibling dogs he had raised from puppies. When their foster family could no longer keep them, the Cloverlane Foundation came to the rescue with a generous boarding donation which bought them enough time to find their way to a good home with a caring man in Atascadero who adopted them together. This kind of donation at a critical juncture saves lives, and helped find a happy ending for everyone in this tough situation. Thank you, Cloverlane Foundation. “ -- Day Yeager,
The Cloverlane Foundation has supported Volunteers For Inter-Valley Animals​, Inc (VIVA) for over twenty years.  Our organization received our 501(c)3 in 1982 and in those early years we really struggled to find the funds to feed and care for the animals in our community.  The Cloverlane Foundation has responded to our many pleas for help when we had no funds to help the animals. We still use a beautiful cage unit which the Cloverlane Foundation donated to us so we could care for kittens. This cage has saved the lives of many mom cats and kittens.  --VIVA